Climate Change Agreement Discount

[1] To apply, please contact our CCL helpline (details below) to request a package of applications for the BMPA program. You need to fill out a few simple forms and then be asked to sign the agreement. Once the Environment Agency approves these documents, you will be eligible for the CCL discount. This happens when you make two simple turnover and customs forms available to your energy suppliers. At all stages of this process, you can use the helpline as a guide and advice. The climate tax was introduced by the government in 2001 to encourage “energy-intensive” companies to improve energy efficiency. It has been applied to electricity, gas, LPG and coal, but not to petroleum fuels for which the tax burden is already high. Organisations and operators who are part of an eligible interbranch organisation and who hold CCA can benefit from CCL rebates: therefore, if you are not yet part of the CCA programme, the time has come to consider membership, to access these important CCL discounts, while at the same time becoming more energy efficient and reducing carbon emissions. The deadline for new applications to the Office for the Environment (EA) is 30 September 2020.

If you have a climate change agreement, you will get a discount on your climate change tax. The Reduced Rate Certificate lists the establishments eligible for a discount on the CDC and is updated on the last business day of each month. If you click on this link, you will be redirected to where you can download a table of the establishments included in the reduced rate certificate. . . .

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