Colocation Service Level Agreement

All of our technical support agents are stationed in our data centres in the UK and, as a Colocation customer, you have unlimited access to them, their knowledge and experience. You can call them at any time and they will do everything in their power to make sure you are fully satisfied. You can contact us by phone or email; It`s up to you. We are partners with Microsoft and have extensive experience with many different variants of Linux, so we know how to help in most cases. CWCS Managed Hosting`s service level agreements provide a financial guarantee that our network infrastructure is 100% available. We operate our own standalone network to ensure that performance is always optimized for our customers` servers. In the unlikely event that a claim is required, a right must be invoked within 48 hours of the end of the month. In order to enforce its rights, the availability of a server for a given month must be below the guaranteed level (regardless of the maintenance expected during our 1 to 4 a.m. maintenance window). We offer a free day hosting web for every hour of server downtime. To get credit, you need to specify all the data and times of the server`s unavailability with your account`s usernames. This information must be provided

We compare the information you have provided to the data we manage to monitor server availability. The total days available free of charge for an account must not exceed 100% of the days of the month billed to that account during the month for which the free service is to be issued. This service level agreement (“SLA”) is part of the Master Services Agreement (“Agreement”) between ColoHouse and the customer. The purpose of this ALS is to outline the service level standards under which ColoHouse provides colocation services to the customer. Subject to the terms of the agreement, ColoHouse will make reasonable economic efforts to provide Colocation services in accordance with the rigorous service objectives (SLA Objectives) listed below. The SLA objectives and service level credits listed below do not apply to customer equipment and/or the resulting problems or incidents, or to a force majeure event. ColoHouse will provide each customer with one last reason for failure (ORGP) within 5 business days of service interruption or violation of one of these SLA targets. Customers can refer to ColoHouse`s technical support guide for the support services offered, as well as the service prices charged. c.) Notification for critical maintenance – Out of service/potentially impact on customer business. ColoHouse is committed not only to proactively informing all customers in the event of a service interruption or non-compliance with any of these ALS targets, but is committed to issuing all service level credits described in this ALS within 5 business days of service interruption or violation of any of these ALS targets.

We also offer proven security; CWCS Managed Hosting is certified to ISO 27001 Information Security Standard. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this ALS, the maximum service level credit for a customer on all ALS objectives must not exceed the RCMs charged by DEM for that month during the term of the contract. Our network is intelligent and self-healing. All of our data centers have multiple connections with multiple redundant web networks, so there is not a single point of error. Unlike most hosting companies, we not only have multiple continuous power systems (ASI), but all of our data centers also have special diesel generators that guarantee dc availability. ColoHouse will make reasonable economic efforts to ensure that the customer`s service is available 100% of the time, except as part of the planned maintenance, at the customer`s request or a force majeure event.

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