Consumer Protection Act Rental Agreements Cancellation

However, it is questionable whether this is legally permissible with respect to the CPA, which provides that the lessor may terminate the lease only after 20 working days of written notification of the material infringement and after the tenant has not remedied the infringement. Although late payment of rent is considered an offence, it cannot be considered a substantial infringement such as non-payment. Once the lessor or his broker has received the written termination, they must note the date on which the lease ends; and should immediately begin advertising for a new tenant for the property. This responsibility rests directly on the shoulders of the landlord or his agent to find a suitable new tenant. However, the cost of such advertising should also be taken into account, as these costs may be charged to the tenant as part of the “reasonable penalty” for which the lessor is entitled to hold the tenant liable; following the early termination of his lease. The CPA also explicitly states that if its provisions conflict with those of another law, the law that offers the greatest protection to the consumer (the tenant) puts another one out of effect. This is essential for the reasons described below. So, how do you handle an early cancellation by a tenant? As always, a legal response can never be a single answer. In this context, we are pleased to inform you that there is at least one defined rule; an owner would never have to suffer any harm as a result of early termination of the rental agreement. .

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