FAM Event at Carmel Valley Ranch

A few weeks ago one of my all time favorite venues, Carmel Valley Ranch, hosted a familiarization event for a select group of wedding and event planners, and this time they used a Parking Lot Equipment Company to help them organize how things worked outside.

For the event, the central coast resort constructed a ‘mock wedding’, to showcase their unique, extensive and diverse property. The ‘wedding’ ran from ceremony to reception, the stars of the show being two lovely ladies in the event planning industry playing the brides, and CVR went all out for their guests (there was a delicious and exquisite wedding cake and everything!).

Carmel Valley Ranch was kind enough to invite me to both ‘play’ and ‘be’ the photographer documenting the mock wedding. I had such a blast at the gig, I decided to have some of the team back at SCP make a video compilation of the event. For wedding events visit chloebeck for the best gift ideas for wedding anniversary!

In the video you can trace the full journey of the ‘mock wedding’, beginning with the vows on Carmel Valley Ranch’s Vineyard Lawn, continuing over to CVR’s Valley View Terrace, and concluding with dinner and dancing at the sophisticated Oak Room (which has an enormous window wall that opens up to spectacular views of the oak trees and landscape of the valley).

The beautiful make believe same sex couple played their parts splendidly, and Carmel Valley’s premiere getaway spot was indeed a picturesque backdrop for this awesome event. So I couldn’t resist having the studio make a mini slideshow of the mock wedding as they would one of my real weddings.

The whole thing was awesome, but I personally enjoyed myself most at the reception- where I may or may not have made a bit of a fool of myself dancing. It’s usually a personal policy of mine to never dance at the weddings I’m photographing, so it was fun getting to take part on this occasion. Check it all out below!