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They can be ordered online to be sent to a German postal address, but for online purchase, payment must be made by direct debit to a German bank account. So better buy it offline at the shops of Deutsche Telekom (called T-Point), or other sales outlets. The purchase at a T-Punkt stores has the advantage to have it (theoretically) registered there. There are many benefits to having your plan with O2. Firstly, they provide flexible contracts between 1 to 24 months, so no signing up to a contract that you can’t get out of. They have cheap packages to start with and fast mobile internet speed with LTE. However, they are known to only have good reception in large cities. And the better deals such as faster speed etc are more expensive. But as one of the largest providers now in Germany, there is a strong possibility that a lot of your friends are signed up to them. Which means you will most likely have free calls and texts to their phones. Documents to send to your current provider to request the number portability before your contract has actually ended: Du bist uns als Kunde wichtig und wir möchten dich gerne überzeugen, weiter bei congstar zu bleiben.

However, you can choose the E-Netz network as well. With plans starting from as little as €9.99 a month, you get a great deal and good network quality in the city. There’s also a third option – LTE Max, which provides 225Mb/s, so it’s faster than the other three. And this option currently has four different plans to choose from. You can also sign up for a prepaid plan that you can cancel on a monthly basis. Congstar offers support if you like to keep your old phone number and request MNP (mobile number portability). To enter the mobile world in Germany, you first must decide which type of mobile phone card you would prefer. You can either choose to buy a prepaid SIM card which must be topped up regularly, or you could sign a contract and pay a monthly fee according to the mobile package of your choice. Below are some important factors to consider before making your choice. If you just want to transfer your number to a different carrier after your current contract ends, you just need to send them a letter saying that you would like to retain your phone number while using a different service provider. Congstar template for an early mobile number portability 29 25 € /Monat 531 congstar Homespot 100 Aktion bis zum 31.08.2020: 125 GB pro Monat mit max.

50 Mbit/s (Download) bzw. max. 25 Mbit/s (Upload). Preis 29,25 € pro Monat. Die Preise berechnen sich gemäß eines Mehrwertsteuersatzes von 16% und gelten vom 01.07.- voraussichtlich 31.12.2020. Die Mehrwertsteuer ändert sich voraussichtlich ab dem 01.01.2021 auf 19%. Der monatliche Grundpreis erhöht sich in diesem Fall wieder auf 30 €/ Monat. Einmaliger Bereitstellungspreis: 9,75 €. Der Tarif ermöglicht die Datennutzung über die Mobilfunktechnologie LTE nur an dem vom Kunden angegebenen Standort und dessen unmittelbaren Umkreis (sogenannter „Surfbereich“) innerhalb Deutschlands. Entgelt für Wechsel des „Surfbereiches“: 19,50€. Voraussetzung für die Nutzung ist die Verfügbarkeit der Mobilfunktechnologie LTE am angegebenen Standort sowie ein LTE-fähiges Endgerät.

Ab einem Datenvolumen von 125 GB pro Monat wird die Bandbreite im jeweiligen Monat von geschätzten max. 50 Mbit/s im Download und geschätzten max. 25 Mbit/s im Upload auf max. 384 Kbit/s (Down- und Upload) beschränkt. Das Pausieren des Homespot-Vertrages ist jederzeit bis zu max.

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