Has Dish Reached An Agreement With Hbo

However, this is not a local matter. Dish has failed to reach an agreement with Nexstar, which owns both KTVX and KUCW – and 162 other channels across the country, as well as cable channel WGN America, all abandoned by Dish. The deadline for a new agreement is 7 p.m.m local time (17 .m PT). If no agreement is reached, it could mean that Dishs would lose more than 9 million satellite subscribers. It`s been 12 months. Dish really doesn`t have to worry about subscriber departures. And while some dish and sling subscribers had initially discontinued their service due to the loss of HBO, most HBO fans probably signed up for the standalone version of the channel. (HBO Now), which costs the same as the Dish/Sling version. Instead of having a new TV provider, dish and sling customers can simply watch HBO online. (Suppose they can get decent Internet service at home; some rural subscribers don`t.) Dish said in a statement that he had met with HBO executives earlier this week. So far, in 2020, Dish has had similar disputes with the owners of Apollo and Mission Broadcasting channels, in addition to E.W. Scripps, as well as the NFL Network and 21 regional sports networks. Dish said it works with customers on a case-to-case basis, and that for those with sufficient broadband service, the HBO Now streaming service could be an option.

Dish recommended that interested customers visit www.mydish.com/hbonow for more information. When the blackout started, I predicted that it would take months to come off. And, Eric, I`m afraid I`m afraid I`m going to tell you that if it doesn`t end this week with GOT, it may take a few more months. Dish recently signed a contract with NFL Media to revive NFL Network and NFL RedZone shortly before the start of the 2020/21 season, the latest in the company`s traditionally harsh attitude in such negotiations; He still doesn`t have an agreement with Sinclairr`s RSNs and hasn`t worn HBO since 2018. Both companies indicate that they have given the other party the opportunity to renew the expiring contract while negotiating a new contract. Dish claims to have offered to sue under the old contract and then settle the difference between the old and new contracts once a new agreement has been reached, an offer the company claims HBO refused. Sutton says HBO has offered to pursue the old contract until a new contract is reached and Dish has declined. The reason the court will never see HBO is not because of a horse-drawn carriage dispute, it`s rather the fact that AT-T had all the designs for HBO and Max to be a streaming service, and everyone who goes into contract negotiations for HBO and Cinemax, they say basically no, you don`t do it or make it so high that no one wants it anyway. Nevertheless, HBO has already responded to the blackout with a website that indicates other ways to access HBO through Dish subscribers, including DirecTV.

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