New Jersey Residential Listing Agreement

Unauthorized use of a keyboard is a violation of the rental agreement and the authorized holder must bring the key to the NJMLS within twenty-four (24) hours and have the authorized code changed. The keyboard is turned off after twenty-four hours (24) hours. The cost of reprogramming the code is eighty ($80). Section 7.2 Applicability of the Rules to users and/or non-broker subscribers, distribution licenses, evaluators and others entitled to have access to the information published by the Service are subject to these rules and may be disciplined for violations of these rules, provided that the user or subscriber has signed an agreement recognizing that access to and use of the service information complies with the rules and rules. In addition, non-compliance with the rules by a user or subscriber and/or a sanction imposed in case of violation thereof may subject the participant to the same or another discipline. This provision does not eliminate the participant`s final liability and liability for all users or subscribers related to the participant. Section 11 Ownership of mlS Compilations and Copyright By submitting advertisement content to the Service, the entrant represents and warrants that he or she is fully authorized to grant the content of the real estate contribution in accordance with this section and these rules and regulations and to license it in accordance with this section and these rules and regulations, thus granting the service the license, the content of the entry of the real estate in its compilation of multiple listing services protected by copyright as and in any statistical report on comparables. The content of the list includes, among others, photos, images, graphics, audio and video recordings, virtual tours, drawings, descriptions, remarks, stories, pricing information and other details or information related to the listed property. (c) Unless otherwise provided in the VOW Directive or these Rules, a participant is not obliged to obtain a separate authorisation from other mlS participants whose entries are displayed on the participant`s VOW. Section 2.9 Notification of Cancellation of Current Sale The listing desk reports the service within 24 hours in case of cancellation of an ongoing sale and the list is immediately reinstated.

(l) Listings, including real estate addresses, may be recorded in IDX screens unless a seller has ordered its list broker to retain its list or property address from the list of all listings on the Internet (including, but not limited to, publicly available websites or VOW) or other electronic forms of display or distribution. The listing broker indicates, for each list submitted to mlS, the remuneration offered to other mlS participants for their services when selling such a list. These offers are unconditional, with the exception that the right to compensation is determined by the performance of the cooperating broker as a means of buying the sale (or lease). The obligation for the listing broker to compensate a cooperating broker as a means of supplying the sale (or leasing) may be excused if an arbitration proceeding reveals that it was impossible or financially impossible to collect a commission in accordance with the listing agreement without fault of the listing broker and in the exercise of good faith and due diligence. . . .

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