Pioneer Technology Use Agreement

Proprietary molecular stack technology in Qrome® products offers better integration by a wider range of germinal plasma and allows farmers to have better triple battery product options. This more efficient breeding process helps to bring new and better quality products to farmers more quickly. You won`t expect new Qrome product options® season after season for your fields. Tana, I`d like you to read more about the good Monsanto does. GMO maize with Bt has reduced the use of pesticides sprayed and used during planting by millions of pounds. In many cases, the pesticides were highly toxic and do not have the best environmental profiles, not to mention crop losses caused by insects such as corn lighters and corn root drills. It also eliminated exposure to farmers and agricultural workers by eliminating the significant use of pesticides on corn. They probably have little knowledge about how corn was grown in corn before and after the introduction of Monsanto technology. Ask a corn farmer, and I think you`ll see that most of them have benefited a lot from this technology. I can tell you a similar story about glyphosate-tolerant plants and how this has reduced the use of herbicides like atrazine, which have appeared in many groundwater regions.

I, too, would like to read Brian`s thoughts on the pros and cons of making the deal (especially because I agree with all the ideas you`ve expressed so eloquently, and there`s little I`d like to add that you haven`t already said! I fully agree that FarmAid seems to want to turn all farmers into unfortunate victims of SCLEROSIS, which is indeed far from the truth, as are often too many simplifications. And I fully agree that the resistance characteristics grown in crops, whether by age or “conventional” livestock, require a resistance management plan. So I designed everything for you. Many people are worried about these contracts that farmers sign. You have written here my opinion as a family builder in my own words, and you have drawn a copy and an actual technical agreement from my file drawer. I hope I have provided you with enough information to draw your own conclusions. I would be happy to discuss this in the area of comments! I`ll put Brian`s words in my mouth. Perhaps he would be willing to speak with the pros and cons of joining the agreement itself. QUOTE: “If I plant Plants from Roundup® Ready (RR), Monsanto wants to be sure I`m using Roundup® herbicide on them, but I don`t need it.

The agreement states that for RR plants, I should only use Roundup® herbicide……………. OR another authorized herbicide that could not be used without the RR gene. That`s basically the point I`ve tried to make, which is that Brian is able to assess whether entering into the contract was worth it for him or not, and that he received the contract freely and fully informed. I do not dispute that FarmAid is wrong to say that when a farmer signs a technology agreement, he withdraws some of his freedoms and acquires certain obligations.

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