Tony Chocolonely Employment Agreement

“Have you ever thought about joining a cool informal business until you have your new employment contract under your nose? 🤔 At least 8 pages with very useful things and a lot of formal clauses that you had to comply with? We did pretty well at Tony`s Chocolonely, but we thought we could set the bar higher 🍫In collaboration with Bruggink & Van der Velden and 🚀 labor lawyer Daniël Maats, we set our contract on one side. We have defined the most important and, moreover, we rely on mutual trust and common sense. And okay, there`s a second page with our values and our promises we make to the new Tony. Proud of this “ticket of trust”. Thank you 🚀 Daniël Maats for your help and, of course, Tony`s Arno Bleeker for your cool design. Well done to the HR team, the designer and the labor rights advocate. It`s great. I think it`s time to buy some Tonychocolonely chocolate. Daniel Maats: “So far, the response has been overwhelming. What is most striking is that people actually feel the employment contract in the old style as negative, when it is supposed to be a joyful moment to sign it: a trust ticket. Suddenly, our one-sided employment contract no longer looks like a friendly and welcoming document. The pressure is so tiny that any rational employee would be forced to think that we are trying to slip something that we don`t want them to know.

PS – Has anyone else noticed that it is “agreement” and not “contract”? We have just offered you a new job (congratulations!). They are delighted with the opportunity and can`t wait to leave. They are enthusiastic about the new employer and expect supportive and trusting cooperation with the company. Now your employer has given you a monolithic multi-volume employment contract, full of legal jargon, long, complex clauses, and many ways to do something wrong. Sounds a bit deflationary, doesn`t it? Can we do better? No special formalities are required to conclude an employment contract in the United Kingdom. A contract may be drawn up in writing or orally and its conditions may be explicit or tacit. However, section 1 of the Employment Act 1996 (“ERA”) requires a worker to receive a written statement of certain specific employment data. This means that even if a contract is entered into orally, an employee must receive a statement of their terms and conditions before their employment begins. Daniel Maats of the law firm Bruggink van der Velden (BvdV) did so again. Previously, he was at the forefront of a radical alternative to the traditional employment contract (previously described on our blog).

Is that the target? So that the employment contract is as fun as the act it symbolizes. It describes the main agreements between the employer and the worker and omits the shitt stuff (which, in any case, is most often included in Dutch legislation). It`s Tony`s mission to end modern slavery in the cocoa industry. We are working with our suppliers in West Africa to help them in these uncertain times. We will keep our consumers informed of this situation. For now, we`ve put all regular marketing activities on hold, but our team will focus on online Tony lectures for elementary, high school, adult, and business. [In the coming days], we will also have an opinion on on the effects of the pandemic in West Africa. I really like the term “Ticket of Trust”. It brilliantly summarizes the company`s job brand promise and employee commitment to the company.

The corporate brand focuses heavily on slave-free chocolate and social justice, which reflects and reinforces it. There can be serious consequences if the right information is not provided. . . .

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