Trade Ufc And One Championship Agreement

Is that championship equipment? Is it a big attraction? Not really. But it`s guaranteed action like few people are, and the UFC needs more fighters like this. Nevertheless, this trade is much better for the UFC than it seems at first glance. Regardless of the different elements of this particular “trade,” I wonder how this practice will become customary. The fighters already have so little control. Adding the possibility that your promoter will send you to fight in the Philippines should be a cause for concern. The UFC is one of the games for which this trade does not look like a certain victory. Outside, it seems that the UFC has relinquished the rights of a king of the consensus pound for a half-retired fighter, whom its president Dana White once described as too boring to fight for. Diaz is a draw, but his discontent would only grow if Nick were traded. The UFC can also get some value in return. What will happen to the UFC flyweight division is not known if the trade pays off. Based on the idea that the weight class could be folded, it is said that Cejudo`s return could be against the current bantam weight champion, TJ Dillashaw, in 2019. Former UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson is now in the ONE Championship.

Former ONE world champion Ben Askren is finally in the UFC after claiming it for so long. All because of an unprecedented “trade.” Johnson`s adjustment to ONE, coupled with the possibility of new competition for new titles, means that he is also a winner in this “trade”. This “trade” also sets a precedent for others throughout the MMA landscape, so that others can carry out such agreements, which in turn could create more fan-friendly fights and promotions. Scott Coker, Bellator`s president, and Martin Lewandowski, the CEO of KSW, have already indicated on Twitter that they are opening up to such “trades.” This is perhaps the biggest fight of Askren`s career. If “Funky” enters the round of 16 this Saturday at UFC Singapore, he will face one of Brazil`s top jiu-jitsu competitors who saw the match in Demian Maia. While the UFC askren offers a headliner of the event, it would be a surprise, if they do not consider his release, if he has below average results. A spectacular performance by Askren is the minimum required for the UFC to justify the historic trade of which ONE Championship was clearly the winner.

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