Withdrawal Agreement Deutsch

During the transition period, European law and therefore the regulations on the coordination of social security in European law vis-à-vis the United Kingdom will continue to apply. Therefore, there is no change for insured persons who are entitled to a pension for the first time or who resubsubs their pension rights before 31 December 2020 or for persons who are already receiving a pension. If you live in another Member State or in a country that has concluded an agreement with Germany (country of agreement), you can apply for a German pension at the insurance agency of your respective country; a time limit may apply. If you live in Germany, you can submit your application for a pension from another Member State or another Contracting State to German pension insurance; a time limit may apply. This also applies to legal challenges against the decisions of foreign insurance agencies. Normally, there is no pension entitlement in contracting countries due to a complete reduction in earning capacity if the right is based exclusively on the closed German part-time labour market and not on your ability to perform. The right to complete disability due to the closure of the German part-time labour market is only allowed in contracting countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Kosovo, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia and Tunisia. .

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